Draft Implementing Rule for INSPIRE annexes II and III soon ready

What lessons can we learn from the INSPIRE data specification work on annex II and III?

The Draft Implementing Rule for INSPIRE annexes II and III themes should be published by beginning of next week together with the draft technical guidelines (v3 of the data specification prepared for the Thematic Working Groups). This draft Implementing Rule will be submitted to consultation by Member States until mid-June and then, once feed-back taken into account, to the inter-service consultation of the European Commission. Final version of the technical guidelines will be published, once Implementing Rule is adopted to ensure consistency between both documents.The purpose is to have IR adopted by INSPIRE Comittee in October 2012 and to have it translated and published in 2013 (that will be the starting date to make data compliant with INSPIRE within 2 years for new data/product and within 7 years for existing data/product). Continue reading

AGILE 2012 in Avignon

Impressions on spatial data harmonisation from AGILE 2012

What relevant approaches were discussed at this year’s AGILE conference?

Last week I visited the 15th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science in Avignon, dubbed Bridging the Geographic Information Sciences, where I presented a paper Thorsten Reitz and me wrote. The paper outlines our approach for spatial data harmonisation that is implemented in the HUMBOLDT Alignment Editor.

Naturally I also had the opportunity to listen to a couple of other interesting talks, of which one stood out in particular, as it also addressed the harmonisation of spatial data based on schema mapping.

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