project develops PostGIS support for HALE

In June 2011, I was invited to Bolzano, Italy, to present the state of the HUMBOLDT developments to representatives of the FreeGIS project.

The FreeGIS project aims to enable private and public organisations to use open data formats and  Free and Open Source Software to collect, analyse and deliver spatial information. Partners such as the Free Software Center South TyrolR3 GIS, and the Computer science department of the canton administration Grisons work across the border between Italy and Switzerland to develop licenses, best practices and to improve Open Source tools for the usage by a large number of stakeholders. You can find out more about the project here.

After my initial visit, HALE was evaluated and finally chosen to “map the data model of the Province of Bolzano to the INSPIRE data schema and furthermore to convert the test dataset” as Andrea Antonello wrote in a recent report on the project’s progress. This summer, Andrea proceeded to implement two extensions for HALE, one to write Shapefiles, and another one to directly write to a PostGIS database. In the next months, we will collaborate to bring these extensions into the main release branch of HALE.

If you also have ideas about extensions that HALE should have, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can best collaborate to make them real!

Join us at INTERGEO 2012

Join us at INTERGEO 2012

The Open Source park at INTERGEO has been a prime place to be when wanting to learn about innovative open source projects from the GIS community for many years.

This year we have the opportunity to be present there for the second time. Since then, the free and open source software we provide has evolved significantly and is now being managed by the data harmonisation panel.

On all three days of the trade fair, the projects represented at the Open Source Park will present their latest developments. Simon Templer will present the capabilities of the upcoming HALE release 2.5.0, of which a release candidate will be made available on 28th of September.

You can find us at booth 7I.18 and discuss HALE features, dhp activities, ask questions or get support. Specifically, you will be able to evaluate HALE 2.5.0 and to help us in improving the software further.

We look forward to meeting you in Hannover!