Pre-conference workshop at AGILE 2013

Members of the data harmonisation panel and the wider community will host the “Data Complexity Challenge – New Approaches to Data Harmonisation” preconference workshop at AGILE 2013, 14th of May, Leuven, Belgium.

Spatial Data Users, Managers and Publishers face increasing challenges brought about growing data volumes and rapidly increasing number of data sources to integrate. In addition, the individual complexity of these data sources can be very high.

The availability of such large, complex data provides a unique opportunity for gaining new knowledge from the combination of data from heterogeneous sources into consistent information products. This remains a core challenge both in research and application.
This workshop will provide participants with the following opportunities:

  • Learn about current data transformation, integration and harmonisation approaches that can scale to large data volumes and handle complex schemas;
  • Try out state of the art software in a guided tutorial with your own data and services;
  • Help researches and developers in improving user experience of data harmonisation tools;
  • Discuss upcoming challenges, standardisation and community-building efforts.

We especially welcome contributions of spatial data users, managers or producers to all of these topics. If you would like to participate in the workshop, you are encouraged to submit a short paper explaining the main challenges that you face (up to 1000 words).