Final HALE plugin for FME 2014 now available

In the summer, we announced a FME GML/XML Writer plugin that would enable using HALE projects as part of a FME workspace. Using this plug-in can greatly simplify your FME workspace, by letting HALE deal with all the mapping from a simple model to a complex target schema. While the original plan for this plug in was to be delivered with FME 2014, there were some complications from the licensing side, so now the plug-in is made available as a separate download – free for commercial and personal usage. The plug-in is compatible with FME 2014 (including the current beta versions). Apart from FME 2014 you need a Java installation and at least HALE 2.6.0 (newest version recommended) on your machine.

The full description of the plug-in, downloads and documentation is available here. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of this new steps towards interoperability!

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