INSPIRE Made Easy: Announcing the INSPIRE GIS

One of the constant themes of the last year was that INSPIRE and open standards in general should be easier to use and to maintain. This goal is what drove us to build a partnership with two leading Open Source GIS companies to develop a complete and accessible solution – the INSPIREĀ»GIS.

Three Open Source GIS experts have joined forces to provide a complete, integrated solution: wetransform provides ETL expertise, lat/lon offers deegree data management and service technology, and Geosparc adds Sleevemonkey analytics and web mapping to the mix. INSPIREĀ»GIS is a complete solution that offers what is expected of a powerful GIS:

  • Design: Extend INSPIRE schemas with a few clicks, create new ones from scratch or maintain a theme together.
  • Transform: Link your current data to INSPIRE and enjoy high performance transformation and validation.
  • Manage: Maintain and update your data sets with enterprise level data management and security.
  • Publish: Create View and Download Services with support for common GIS or BI software.
  • Explore: Discover and view your data together with public sources on all channels.
  • Analyze: Get to the heart of GIS and perform analytics on rich object models and linked data.

Find out more about INSPIRE GIS and register for for information!

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